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It’s not like a child doesn’t love their parent. But circumstances change as we grow up and our career path and employment takes us in different direction. While it would be rather selfish to ask our parents to uproot their lives and move in with you abroad or city or elsewhere, it breaks our heart to leave them alone. Economic support isn’t the only thing we should be providing them with. As they age they crave more attention and care, which seems reasonable but very difficult to deliver. There in comes in quality services provided by Old age homes. This doesn’t have to mean you don’t love your parents. It simply means you want them to be under a experienced care where they can socialize thorough the day or until you arrive.

Life is more complicated than it used to be. Initially people lived in large families with relatives around their places. So even in absence on one child the community would look after them. Nuclear family, with odd jobs and reluctance of young people to settle down has created a bit of problem for the senior members.

While ideally parents will be happier at their own homes, here are some of the reasons Old age homes can be a good idea for your parents.


  • It’s difficult and quite frankly more expensive to have a hired help attend to your parents at home. Firstly, no supervision, secondly people at old age lose their dexterity and motor functions so performing everyday functions are harder to perform. At old age homes under expert care from professionals and these needs and be met. This way, you’ll be making sure that your parent is well looked after in your absence. Also, the attendant can give your aging parent company when they feel lonely.
  • Old age homes have doctors or medical professionals at their disposal. This is very important during the emergencies and can often be lifesaving. Alone at home, they might not be able be able to make that call or get help so soon.
  • While these things might cost you much, the fact that parents have companionship is an incomparable perk. To have someone to talk to without getting bored, share experiences lightens their mood. We have heard stories of people finding love at such homes.
  • Living alone can cause depression, stress and anxiety in patients. The old age home provides playtimes, outing designed to take their mind of illness or trouble.
  • This doesn’t have to permanent or cause irreparable damage to the relationship between the parents and children. They can come and go as they please, have the best of both world. Drop in whenever you can. Drop in when they least expect it. This is sure to bring a smile to their faces. Always remember, there is nothing they want more than to be with you and feel loved by you.