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There have been times when your name uttered by your grandparents meant- either a call for food or help. As children who wanted to do nothing but run along with your friends or relax watching your favorite show and your grandparents’ call meant dousing water over fire, i.e. boring. Little did we know that we were amongst the coolest people we ever knew.  Life of our grandparents though difficult was nothing short of an adventure.

Never have I ever met a grandparent who doesn’t have a cool story to tell, be it about the chance encounters with historical figures we revere, facing off with wild animals, their innate nature to overcome adversities, their share of love affairs and shenanigans. Life wasn’t easy for them but It was simple and hence they are too. They are emotional

  1. They are emotional: The surge of joy when their loved ones arrive and sadness when they leave. With age, emotions surface and it feels amazing to be in the receiving end. We spend much of our lives suppressing emotions. Seeing emotions expressed with ease and comfort is inspiring.
  2. They Still Learn New Things: Really cool grandparents are up for adventurous escapades. Be it parasailing or traveling to exotic locations. They are eager to learn about the newest technology and even experiment with social media to keep up with the latest trends or even the latest news or to simply connect with their loved ones.  They see the third act of life as an opportunity to tick off the to-do list that got put aside when they were busy parenting. When you hear the phrase “never too old” you totally think of them.
  3. They Have Better Stories than TV: Having a rich personal history and having lived through it all, they tend to have harbor mines of stories. It is proven to be a trait of happy people. Reminiscing about how they overcame hardships, how they persevered, or how they remained optimistic in tough times helps to keep them positive and it shares this positivity with their loved ones.
  4. They always have sweet treats for little ones: Grandparents recognize that a little bit of sugar or gluten isn’t the end of the world. Sure moderation is a virtue but they enjoy being the source of their grandchild’s special treats. They always look for opportunities (even tiny ones) to spread joy.
  5. Help shape the community and safeguard culture: Grandparents are the propagators of culture in the family, reminding them of their roots. Be it putting tika on Dashain, storytelling with Swasthani bratakatha, fasts and pujas and all, grandparents provide the next generation with rich cultural exposure. As the saying goes, “never forget your roots”
  6. They are true to style icons: The old-world charm of sarees and eloquent styles that put models to shame, our grandparents have tried it all and have the grace to dress accordingly. They sport athleisure designs for comfort and exercise whereas they grace parties and events in the best materials known to us. They are true to style icons and many look up to them for inspiration.
  7. They can grow things: Maybe it’s a garden of tomatoes and zucchini or garden flowers. Maybe it’s just a potted plant. And if kids help, grandparents will let them get their hands dirty and get a step closer to nature and happiness.
  8. They make the best audience: When grandchildren learn a new poem, new song, some fancy dance moves, or their first violin piece, they count on grandparents to watch, listen, applaud and reward. They have all the time in the world and that is what helps build confidence for the kids.
  9. Life Skills: They have skills to teach that grandchildren can’t learn in school, like patching a tire, catching a fish, and sewing a hole in a favorite pair of jeans, cooking simple food to sustain life. Skills and patience and lots of love only for their loved ones.
  10. They’re walking history books: Most grandparents can remember when televisions had antennas, cars had fins, and phones had cords. When they take kids to a science or history museum, they make exhibits come to life.

So the next time you underestimate your grandparents remember they are cooler than you give them credit for and you’re lucky to have them in your life. Go ahead give them a call or even a hug for all the love they shower us with.